Dental Implants May Be for You

The Many Benefits of

Dental Implants

A dental implant is dentistry’s foremost solution for the replacement of a missing tooth. The small metal post that is anchored into the bone beneath the gums provides a secure and permanent point of attachment for a tooth restoration such as a denture, bridge, or crown. A dental implant excels at its job because it not only allows a cosmetic structure to be placed in the mouth, but furthermore replaces the root of a tooth altogether and protects against additional bone loss in the jaw bone.



The exact method which your dentist may use to give you a dental implant depends on several factors, primarily the condition of your jaw bone. A comprehensive dental exam and careful review of your personal medical history will help your dentist to make certain that the procedure will be a success. Typically, the jaw bone is given time to heal around the implant before the piece that the denture, bridge, or crown will attach to is put into place. You may opt for anesthesia during any part of the surgery to minimize the discomfort it causes.

A Dental Implant May Be

Right for You

Dental implants have been carried out for centuries, and the medical science behind them is very well understood. More than three million Americans currently have them! The specialists at EastSide Smiles have performed countless dental implant surgeries over the years to great effect. If you are considering replacing one or more problematic teeth, we would be more than happy to discuss how we can put this routine procedure to work to your benefit. It is our mission to give you your best smile!

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