Dental Bridges and Crowns Can Transform Your Smile

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Do you have a broken, chipped, damaged, or missing tooth? EastSide Smiles is here to repair it with as little discomfort to you as possible.

At EastSide Smiles, we specialize in giving patients the crowns and bridges they need to achieve their very best smiles. A crown is essentially a cap that a dentist places over a tooth to restore its original shape and function, and it can even improve an existing tooth’s appearance and strength. Your dentist may advise a crown when a cavity has become too large to be effectively treated with a filling, a tooth has become discolored to the point where replacement is desirable, or sustained damage has greatly weakened a tooth. A bridge is affixed to two or more consecutive teeth that are in similar need of replacement. A bridge can even effectively replace an altogether missing tooth, if so desired!



EastSide Smiles specializes in CEREC® restoration dentistry. The procedure utilizes computer aided technology to create a bridge or crown for our patient during one simple visit to our office. Our high-tech scanning wand captures the intricate details of a tooth so that our on-site milling machine can create a perfect facsimile of it. Your crown or bridge will look as good — or better — than the tooth you were born with.

Crowns & Bridges

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Our technologically advanced facility, thorough experience, and commitment to our patients’ satisfaction and well-being, have made EastSide Smiles the preeminent provider for crowns and bridges throughout the greater Sioux Falls area. We welcome you to call to learn more about how we can help your smile look its very best!

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